Street Sweeping in Medfield

1st Wednesday = Odd Side of the Street
2nd Wednesday = Even Side of the Street

Street sweeping has come to Medfield! It occurs the first and second Wednesday of every month.

On the first Wednesday, the odd side is swept, and residents are asked to move cars to the even side of the street. The second Wednesday of the month, the even side is swept, with residents parking on the odd side.

Please do what you can to move your cars on street sweeping Wednesdays.

Frequently Asked Questions

- What time will the street sweepers be in the neighborhood?
The timeframe is 8am to 4pm. However, if you have seen the sweepers treat your street, you can move your car back. A DPW rep at a recent MCA meeting said that this window should narrow as the kinks are worked out of the program.

- What if my street isn't swept?
Call 311 so they know what streets are missed so they can address these issues.

- How do I know if I park on an odd or even side?
Look at the house numbers for that street. If there are no houses, look at the house numbers in the next block.

For more information, visit the Baltimore Department of Public Works Website.