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WWII War Memorial,  Weldon Circle

In 1804, the Falls Turnpike was opened, and in 1806 Cold Spring Lane was constructed. Early in the 19th century, somewhat south of Cold Spring Lane, a very small community called “Kellyville” sprung up along the Falls Road. This hamlet, in 1850, consisted of five houses and a grocery store, run by Dennis Kelly, whose brother Martin was an early developer of Hampden. Perhaps due to the growth of Hampden to the south, Kellyville developed no further. 

 Caption on WWII Memorial

With the exception of a few buildings along the Falls Turnpike, the Medfield area, throughout the 19th century, consisted entirely of several large land holdings. Among these was Dr. Johns Prentiss’ “Medfield” Academy, an exclusive preparatory school. Location of the school has been placed near 42nd Street to the west of Falls Road. In 1856, the original charter of the Hampden Association provided for a college, but there is evidence that the school was in existence as early as 1842. The tuition was $300 a year, which was a good sum of money for the day. Before the Civil War the Academy offered college courses and the sons of many prominent Baltimore families studied there. The school had a band, a cricket team, a literary society, bowling alleys and held “exclusive” dances. The school operated into the 1890’s; the estate remained intact well into the twentieth century, when it was sold to a development syndicate. 

The southern half of Medfield was annexed to Baltimore City in 1888, and the northern half in 1918. By 1920 row houses lined both sides of Falls Road. During the 1920’s, some scattered detached housing was built in the “Melvale Heights” development, south of Cold Spring Lane. 

The row houses between 41st Street were built during the 1930’s, and those between 42nd Street and Roland Heights Avenue were built in the 1950’s. By the early 1960’s residential construction in the Medfield community was largely complete, and included infill single family detached housing in the Melvale Heights area, and garden apartments and row houses to the west of Clydesdale Avenue. 

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