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Medfield Heights Elementary

Medfield Heights Elementary
School #249 -
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4300 Buchanan Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

The Learning of Medfield Heights

Medfield Heights Elementary School is named for the community in which it was built in 1955. The school originally opened its doors with one building, but now consists of a main (red) building and a portable (blue) building added in 1970, The school is the home for students from five area neighborhoods: Medfield, Roland Park, Hampden, Woodberry and Hoes Heights. Medfield currently offers part-time academic instruction for students in pre-kindergarten, full-time instruction for students in grades kindergarten through five. The total student population is 324.

Medfield begins the school day with breakfast at 7:30AM. School officially begins at 7:55AM and ends at 2:25PM. In addition to a core curriculum of math, science, and language arts, students at Medfield also participate in art, physical education, and computer classes.

School Programs
Community T.I.E.S.

This program is a partnership between the Irvine Nature Center, Neighborhood Design Center, and the
Greater Homewood Community Corporation. It involves landscaping the school grounds over the next five years to increase educational opportunities outside, and involve the community more with the school. The rain gardens were completed in the spring of 2004 with the help of The Chesapeake Bay Trust, Shackleton Enterprises, Baltimore City, and Potts and Callahan.

Experience Corp

The Greater Homewood-John Hopkins University partnership brings senior volunteers into K to 3rd grades for tutoring and mentoring 15 hours each week. This school year, there will be 18 to 20 Experience Corps members tutoring and mentoring children in K to 3rd grades for a total of 300 hours weekly, continuation of the "green School" environmental programs. Experience Corps members also run the library and help monitor attendance.

Peace by Peace

Johns Hopkins University runs this per mediation program that teaches fourth and fifth graders positive ways to solve conflicts.

Vital Statistics

Debbie D. Thomas 

Bernadette Randal Burley
Assistant Principle



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