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Mill Valley Community Council

The Mill Valley Community Council is an umbrella group consisting of the leaders of neighborhood and civic organizations in the Jones Falls Valley. It was founded in 2004 to establish a network of concerned citizens and seek solutions to common problems in the neighborhoods that make up this historic section of Baltimore City, Maryland.

The Mill Valley Community coalition is a group of community organizations that came together to deal with three distinct issues:

1.) Zoning/Development
2.) Fundraising
3.) Communication

The Mill Valley Community Council (MVCC) represents the interests of Hampden, Woodberry, Remington, Peabody Heights, Stone Hill, Wyman Park, Medfield, Heathbrook, the Friends of Roosevelt Park, Hampden Village Main Street, and the Mayor’s Christmas Parade Organization.

In 2004, the MVCC held a zoning and development symposium in which residents, business owners, city officials and local developers met for 2 days and discussed areas of common interest. The second symposium focused on the process of creating a master plan for the neighborhoods of the Jones Falls Valley. 
This plan will set forth in great detail a realistic vision of the future that would encourage development that accommodates the needs and desires of the entire community and respects the historic character of the area.


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